A chimney on a roof is subjected to the worst of the elements that our weather brings to us.

There is the lead flashing at the base of the chimney, the cement pointing, or the roughcasting. Then there are the coping stones and the pots on top. So many areas of maintenance and potential problems.

When there are any defects at a chimney it can hold the moisture from the rain and, if not in use, the chimney can be a source of dampness which is not dried out if the chimney is not in use.

Sometimes it’s more prudent to consider having a chimney demolished, especially if you have had all visible areas of defects attended to and you’re still experiencing problems from this area.

There are occasions when this suggestion is not viable, for example if you live in a Conservation area, or if this is a shared chimney and your neighbour will not agree to its demolition.

However, it’s worth considering, especially when bearing in mind that if you have a gas appliance which is being vented through the chimney, the chimney can still be demolished and a twin wall metal flue fitted to vent the gas appliance.

  • Leadwork Replacement
  • Render Repairs
  • Roughcast Repairs
  • Chimney Pots
  • Chimney Cowls
  • Bell Cast Beads to Assist with Rainwater Removal
  • Chimney Removal
  • Chimney Reduction in Height
  • Twin Wall Flue For a Gas Appliance When a Chimney Has Been Removed

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