Do you need someone you can trust to fit new leadwork? Look no further than GHC Roofing Limited.

Lead comes in a sheet roll and can be cut and shaped to suit most different areas and angles.

Leadwork is common in Glasgow because it’s so durable and we certainly need something that can stand up to our weather. That’s why it’s smart to check for cracks, breaks and leaks before any problems escalate. Lead is a traditional product which we find in some of the following parts of our roofs:

  • Lead Dormers
  • Lead Guttering and Flashing
  • Lead for Period Buildings
  • Flashing at Porches and Bay Windows
  • Flat Roofs
  • Lead Valleys
  • Lead Flashings around Chimneys
  • Lead at Boundary Wall Gutters

Fibreglass GRP

Fibreglass GRP is an alternative to lead. GRP stands for Glass Reinforced Plastic and is a material made from a polyester resin, which is reinforced by strand glass fibres to form a GRP laminate.

It is a popular material to use, which is cheaper than lead and is also very strong but very light.

It is often suitable to use in place of lead. Get in contact with us today and we’ll be happy to help.