Re Roofing

Considering re-roofing? There often comes a time when it’s more cost effective to re-roof your property than to endure the continual problems year after year of worrying each time it rains or the wind blows in a certain direction. This is not only stressful, but continual maintenance can be very costly too.

Often people are genuinely surprised to realise that re-roofing is an affordable option. Our quotations and recommendations are provided completely free or charge. We consider ourselves re-roofing experts, and we have too many satisfied customers to be wrong.

We have the expertise to provide a full re-roofing package, using roof tiles or slates.

Our re-roofing projects include stripping the existing roof covering of your property. We will then fit new breathable membrane and timber battens and counter-battens, together with all leadwork, gutters and associated work. Finally, we will fit new concrete roof tiles. These tiles can be flat tiles, profiled tiles or small plain roof tiles. Popular roof tile colours are Red, Grey or Old English, (which is a red and black mix of colours). The choice of tile colour usually reflects on other roof tile coverings in your surrounding area, however, the colour choice is yours to make. We will be happy to provide you with some sample tiles to help you with your decision, or we can direct you to properties which we have re-tiled in your area.

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